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It's great news for you, because here at Capital Q, we provide True Interchange Pass Thru pricing.


What that means in English, is that our margin is constant across all the various rates billed by Visa, MasterCard and Discover for the different card types; check debit, regular credit, rewards and business cards.



CapitalQ Educates Merchants


We educate merchants on Interchange so their transactions can qualify at the best rate available.  Business cards, for example, must have certain data elements present to qualify for the best rate.  The folks at Cyrious have programmed their credit interface to do this automatically for you.




The folks at Cyrious Software have developed their credit card interface to work directly with CapitalQ.


Their interface is written to pass all of the data elements required to insure your credit cards qualify for the best rate available.  That's great news for you!


We can process your Visa, MasterCard, Discover an American Express transactions through the Cyrious Interface.


True Interchange Pass Through Pricing


Interchange is that portion of the Discount Rate that all processors must collect and pay to the issuing bank, while Assessments are the portion of the discount rate that is paid to the card brands; American Express, Visa, Discover & MasterCard.  Collectively they are referred to as I&A.


Essentially I&A represents the wholesale cost for the processing industry.  Regardless of the processor's size, I&A must be paid.


We do not have any of the following fees:

  • Batch Header
  • Settlement
  • Merchant Club
  • Termination Fee



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